Eurotech Solutions for E-Mobility Applications 


Eurotech and its partners have many years of experience in e-mobility and are familiar with the individual requirements of the automotive industry. With this know-how and versatile range of wire harness tapes, HV cables, heat shrink tubing, and more, we support our customers with solutions for a wide variety of applications in the electromobility market.

  • Wire Harness Tapes
  • Flexible HV Cables
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • EV Charging Cables
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Wire Harness Tapes for E-Mobility

In the Coroplast wire harness tape selection, you will find solutions for permanent marking of high-voltage cables, reliable protection of wire harnesses or effective heat deration and sound damping. Less complexity, volume and weight: Regardless of the application, Coroplast Tape always pursues the goal of minimizing the number of materials required for harness protection, thus significantly reducing the volume and weight of cable harnesses.

  • Diverse Solutions for Safe Electromobility
  • Marking of High Voltage Cables
  • Abrasion Resistance & Safety in Case of Impact
  • Reductions of Vibrations & Rattling

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Abrasion Resistance & Safety for High Voltage Cables in Case of Impact

With Coroplast Tape wire harness tapes, you can reliably protect your high-voltage cables from abrasion and ensure the best possible impact protection.

Our portfolio offers the largest selection of products in abrasion class D or higher. For maximum safety, the tapes are wound with a 50% overlap. This provides double protection for your HV cable.

Increasing voltages require additional protection: wire harness tapes from the Coroplast Tape MPX series ensure reliable impact protection and prevent dangerous arcing due to short circuits.


Fastening & Joining Technology for E-Mobility

The battery is the central component of electromobility. In addition to the range, the energy storage system has a decisive influence on the costs and safety of e-cars. Adhesive tapes from Coroplast Tape offer cost-effective solutions for battery production that help to increase the stability of battery systems.

Coroplast high-performance tapes of the 9000 SPT series are often the first choice when it comes to applications in battery construction for electric vehicles. They feature homogeneous, continuous tack and extremely flexible acrylic adhesive compounds. This makes them significantly superior to conventional double-sided foam adhesive tapes.

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Flexible High Voltage Cables for E-Mobility

Regardless of whether hybrid vehicle or purely electric car, both vehicles need cables for partly extreme current loads. Our high-voltage cables – or abbreviated: HV cables – fulfill all electrical, thermal, and mechanical requirements to a high degree.

  • Copper and aluminum conductors
  • Single and multi-core cables
  • Temperature classes 150 °C and 180 °C
  • Voltage classes up to 1,000 V a.c. / 1,500 D d.c.
  • According to LV216 and ISO 19642
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Your Advantages at a Glance

Coroflex always has its finger on the pulse of the industry and understands your key requirements. The result is innovative solutions in the high-voltage sector that offer numerous advantages:

  • Long lifespan and high functional stability
  • Reduction of installation space and weight
  • Copper and aluminum cables
  • Sustainability
  • Temperature classes 150°C and 180°C
  • Cables according to LV216 and ISO 19642
  • Voltage class up to 1,000 V AC / 1,500 V DC
  • Designed for automated processing
  • Use in the global electromobility market
  • Individual consulting for the efficient design of system components
  • Talc-free
  • Individual solutions


OEM Approved Tubing Products

With approvals from Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, and more, our heat shrink tubing product line is manufactured in compliance with quality systems to meet and/or exceed approval specification requirements.

We Support Single And Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing products including:

  • Single wall heat shrink tubing
  • Dual wall heat shrink tubing
  • Custom tubing
  • Extruded tubing

Performance Characteristics:

  • Excellent insulating properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • Splice sealing
  • Available in various sizes and shrink ratios
Orange - High Voltage Heat Shrink Tubing - Eurotech Direct - wire harness
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Our automotive heat shrink tubing products are manufactured in compliance with TS16949 and ISO9001 quality systems and are produced to meet or exceed UL224 and MIL approval requirements.

eurotech-oem approvals-wire harness-tubing-certifications-shrink ratios


Eurotech offers automotive heat shrink tubing products with shrink ratios including 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1.

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Our automotive heat shrink tubing products have been approved by multiple OEMs, including Stellantis, General Motors, and Ford Motor Company.

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Next Generation Automotive Charging Cables – HighFlex

Regardless of whether hybrid vehicle or purely electric car, both vehicles need cables for partly extreme current loads. Our high-voltage cables – or abbreviated: HV cables – fulfill all electrical, thermal, and mechanical requirements to a high degree.

  • Optimal ease-of-use
  • Global application capability through international certification
  • Various cable configurations
  • Space saving storing with flexible design
  • Optimized handling
  • HighFlex & StyleFlex

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