Wire harness tape – abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant, and noise-reducing Coroplast Tape

North America’s Exclusive Coroplast Tape Supplier (Wire Harness & Double-Sided)

Eurotech is proud to be the exclusive representative of Coroplast Tape, manufacturer of innovative adhesive wire harness tapes for the automobile industry,  in North America. Coroplast Tape is a subsidiary brand of the Coroplast Group. As drivers of innovation and in close cooperation with our customers, we are continually spearheading technical development – on a worldwide basis. We develop and produce adhesive tapes with optimum standards and premium quality.

coroplast tape - wire harness tape
coroplast tape - wire harness tape


Features & Benefits – Wire Harness Tape

With Coroplast Tape wire harness tapes, you can reliably protect your high-voltage cables from abrasion and ensure the best possible impact protection.

Our portfolio offers the largest selection of products in abrasion class D or higher. For maximum safety, the tapes are wound with a 50% overlap. This provides double protection for your HV cable.

Increasing voltages require additional protection: wire harness tapes from the Coroplast Tape MPX series ensure reliable impact protection and prevent dangerous arcing due to short circuits.


Coroplast Wire Harness Tape Product Performance characteristics include:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Sound dampening
  • Heat reflection
  • Bundling
  • Flexibility
  • High temperature tolerance
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Reduction of vibrations and rattling

Because electric vehicles are very quiet, vibrations and rattles are much more noticeable. As a result, solutions for noise damping have gained in importance. With us, you will find the largest selection of wire harness tapes on the market. With our non-woven and foam tapes made of various materials, we cover sound classes C to E.


Coroplast ST Series

Sustainability has a long tradition at Coroplast Tape and is firmly anchored in both thoughts and actions. It is therefore no coincidence that Coroplast Tape was one of the first suppliers on the market to use environmentally friendly, solvent-free dispersion and acrylate adhesive technology for our new products. And for some time now, we have been offering our customers adhesive tapes with PET backing material that we manufacture from recyclate – the Coroplast ST series.

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Coroplast Tape ‘Show Harness’ Application

Explore precision engineering, featuring the application of various wire harness tapes from Coroplast Tape on a carefully crafted ‘show harness.’ 
Our engineering team, experts in the field, not only emphasize quality but also offer insights, application best practices, and tailored solutions for complex challenges. Eurotech enhances your harness and EDS projects with precision and innovation.

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Coroplast TapeTube – First Choice for Cable Protection

Custom TapeTubes, constructed from market-proven Coroplast adhesive tapes 832 MPX and 837 X offer numerous advantages compared to protective sleeves and corrugated tubes for your wire harness. This development is significantly more flexible and lighter while protecting the cable insulation from abrasion, contamination, and water.

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Self-Adhesive Solutions for Window & Door Applications

Flexible & Advanced Production

Our partner, Coroplast Tape, manufactures to meet your individual requirements. Furthermore, we offer technical consultation for your application and are happy to support you in optimizing your process with further integration of our products.

Applications Include

  • Muntin Bar Bondings
  • Dry Glazing
  • Fixation of Spacer “Warm Edge”
  • Self-Adhesive Window Latch Gasket
  • Attachment of Components to Glass And Powder-Coated Surfaces
  • Window & Door Flashing
    • Rolls with Split Liner
    • Rolls with Double Split Liner
    • Fingerlift
    • Perforations


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