EV Battery Tapes – Adhesive tapes for electric car batteries

Adhesive Tapes for Electric Car Batteries


The battery is the central component of electromobility. In addition to the range, the energy storage system has a decisive influence on the costs and safety of electric vehicles. Adhesive tapes from Coroplast Tape offer cost-effective solutions for battery production that help to increase the stability of battery systems.



Diverse Adhesive Tape Solutions for Battery Sealing & Safe Electromobility

Coroplast Tape is one of the leading manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes and has been involved in solutions for electric cars for over 15 years. With this head start in experience, our products help to lead electromobility into a safe and successful future.

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EV Battery Pack Tape Product Properties

Based on our extensive range of high-performance adhesive tapes, special foams and films, we develop customized adhesive solutions for various applications in EV battery construction. Abrasion resistance, high-temperature resistance or dimensional stability: our ready-to-use products bring with them all the properties that have proven themselves and become indispensable in the automotive sector.


Coroplast Tape offers adhesive solutions with all important properties for the installation of cylindrical battery cells.


Flexible Use – EV Tape for Both Common Battery Cell Types

With their versatile properties, our adhesive tapes are suitable, for example, for weight-saving bonding, wrapping and separation of battery cells.

We offer suitable bonding solutions for various battery applications. We support battery production based on cylindrical as well as prismatic cells. In this way, the sensitive components can be effectively protected.

Coroplast Tape Also Offers the Right and Safe Adhesive Solution for the Prismatic Battery Cell.

Avoiding Thermal Propagation

The longest possible range is seen as the key to customer acceptance of electric cars. More powerful batteries are therefore necessary. Manufacturers are achieving the energy density required for this by packing more and more battery cells into the same amount of space.

However, this extreme packing density also increases the effects of short circuits in individual battery cells. Our high-temperature resistant adhesive solutions with silicone foams and UV acrylate adhesives prevent spread to other cells and thus offer increased battery safety. They enclose the individual battery cells, provide effective thermal insulation and protect adjacent components.

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High-Performance Adhesive Tapes First Choice for Battery Construction Applications

Thanks to their versatility, Coroplast high-performance tapes of the 9000 SPT series are often the first choice when it comes to applications in battery construction for electric vehicles. They feature homogeneous, continuous tack and extremely flexible acrylic adhesive compounds. This makes them significantly superior to conventional double-sided foam adhesive tapes and mechanical joining compounds.

Our high-performance tapes: The ideal starting product for safe and economical fastening solutions in EV battery production.

Our high-performance tapes from the 9000 SPT series are suitable for a wide range of applications in battery construction.

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Die-Cut Parts and Spacer Solutions from Coroplast Tape

Sliding adhesive tapes from Coroplast Tape have excellent abrasion and media resistance and are manufactured in various thicknesses. The adhesive tapes are ideal as a gap-filling and spacer solution in battery construction. Due to the excellent sliding properties of the surface, they facilitate automated or manual assembly processes. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, or UHMW-PE for short, provides this combination of impressive robustness and excellent processability.


Advantages of the Coroplast 7000 Series

Our spacer solutions are just what you need for your battery application if you are looking for a solution that

  • Can be used as a combined sliding aid with simultaneous spacer function
  • Has very good sliding, abrasion and temperature resistance
  • Offers excellent media resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Can be manufactured in various thicknesses on request
  • And is very dimensionally stable

Our sliding adhesive tapes are the ideal gap-filling and spacer solution for battery construction.

Our comprehensive know-how in the field of technical adhesive tapes and our many years of experience in electromobility make us a preferred partner for many other areas of application in electric vehicles.

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