BluSeal: Advanced Splice Sealing Solution

BluSeal by Eurotech provides superior protection against water ingression and contaminants in splices and terminals. Drip and dip applied, BluSeal penetrates between each wire strand and insulating jacket, and cures to a durable and flexible barrier. BluSeal’s unique low-viscosity automotive-grade formulation has robust moisture and chemical resistance over a wide range of temperatures. BluSeal provides a permanent and effective seal, preventing corrosion failures over the life of the vehicle even on high wire count junctions.

50 gram bottle: ET008-50
500 gram bottle: ET008-500


Key Advantages to BluSeal:

  • Very low-viscosity liquid sealer that cures quickly to form a durable and semi-flexible barrier
  • Comprised of a unique automotive-grade formulation
  • Excellent bend characteristics over a wide range of temperatures
  • Extremely resistant to moisture and chemical exposure
  • Provides a permanent and effective sealed splice over the life of the wire harness
  • Seals by penetrating between each wire strand and deep under the wire insulating jacket
  • Works at the wire-strand level and can provide sealing on most splice
  • Becomes a semi-flexible acrylic polymer (plastic)

Current BluSeal Users

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BluSeal Dip Machine for Splices

The BluSeal Dip Machine (BDM) by Eurotech delivers highly controlled and reliable processing to meet the wire harness splice sealing requirements of world class automotive suppliers. Created with simple operation and user safety in mind, the BluSeal Dip Machine provides constant operational feedback, automated material control, and monitors performance to ensure every splice is sealed.


BluSeal Precision Drip Machine

The BluSeal Precision Drip Machine (BPDM) by Eurotech delivers simple
and precise processing to meet wire harness terminal sealing requirements
of world-class automotive suppliers. The BPDM combines a precise material
dispenser and a 3-axis applicator with user friendly programming for the
high-volume application of BluSeal in your manufacturing environment.

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