UHMW-PE Spacer & Gap Filler Tape (Ultimate Sliding Adhesive Tape)

Coroplast UHMW-PE tape – extremely versatile spacer solution for the automotive lighting industry

7300 & 7400 SERIES

We utilize ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) film for Coroplast 7300 and 7400 series with extremely high abrasion resistance for gap filler and spacer solutions. Additionally, we provide optimized assembly processes highlighted by the sliding properties of UHMW-PE. These two properties make our adhesive tape the ideal solution for applications in the automotive lighting industry.

7300-uhmw-pe-tape-coroplast-adhesive-space-gap filling-eurotech-direct-sliding
7300-uhmw-pe-tape-coroplast-adhesive-space-gap filling-eurotech-direct

UHMW-PE: Our spacer is made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.


Why we rely on UHMW-PE and how you benefit from it

What is UHMW-PE

Polyethylene with an average molar mass of 6000 kg/mol is called UHMW-PE (ultra-high-weight-molecular polyethylene). This material is characterized by the strength of its durability and the associated abrasion resistance. It provides a strong sliding effect due to its smooth surface properties. Where UHMW-PE shines through is its ability to provide long life in applications of recurring stress.

Our solution for common challenges in the automotive lighting industry

Due to tight tolerances, both OEM and Tier suppliers are faced with several challenges. Chief among them is ease of assembly with standard gap filling pads. These are often not abrasion resistant enough and are damaged during installation. In the worst case, this can mean a line stoppage.

Where standard pads fail due to high friction, our customized UHMW-PE pads stand apart. Their sliding effect aids in quick and safe installation of your head and rear lamps. With Coroplast UHMW-PE adhesive tape, we not only provide a simple spacer but an advanced assembly aid with value-added features and benefits.

“We currently offer 10 OEM approved UHMW-PE tape solutions, which we are constantly developing and expanding. We vary the thickness and offer stiff or flexible versions according to customer requirements. In this way, we can apply to almost any type of surface and geometry.”



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Value-added solutions that offer you unique opportunities to improve quality

Economy, durability and aesthetics: Whether in assembly or on the road, Coroplast UHMW-PE tape solutions offer a variety of benefits.

Gap filling

  • Gap filling and spacer to help compensate for variation in tolerances
  • Damage protection through rattle abrasion resistance
  • Decreased road noise through rattle dampening
  • Corrosion prevention in wet areas due to reduced abrasion

Sliding effect for optimized production processes

  • Installation aid for faster and more efficient assembly
  • Sliding effect reduces abrasion and damage to car body parts during installation
  • Prevention of car body paint damage during installation
  • Increased durability of sliding pad eliminates re-work downtime due to pad damage and need for replacement

Find your ideal UHMW-PE tape from the 7300 and 7400 series


Automotive lighting: With our UHMW-PE adhesive tape range, head and rear lamps can be installed easily. On the road, the spacers prevent rattling noise and protect the surrounding components, e.g. from corrosion.

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Product flyer of the Coroplast 7300 & 7400 series

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