The BluSeal BDM

The BluSeal Dip Machine for Splices
Automation for high-volume splice sealing applications

The BluSeal Dip Machine by Eurotech delivers highly controlled and reliable processing to meet the wire harness splice sealing requirements of world class automotive suppliers. Created with simple operation and user safety in mind, the BluSeal Dip Machine (BDM) provides constant operational feedback, automated material control, and monitors performance to ensure every splice is sealed.

Operational Feedback:

  • No light, system ready
  • Blinking green light, splice detected and programmed timer started
  • Solid green light and audible affirmation when dip cycle completed
  • Red light, incomplete dip cycle, must restart

Material Control:

  • BluSeal level detection
  • Automatic bath refill
  • Programmable depth by splice size
  • Bottle empty detection (yellow light)

Performance Monitoring: 

    • Adjustable timer
    • Splice full-insertion detection
    • OK and NOK cycle counter


    • Standby mode and bath-cover
    • Removable dipping bath for easy cleaning
    • Reverse pump returns BluSeal to bottle
    • Easy connections for tubing replacement
    • Lighted clear access door for BluSeal bottle level monitor and replacement