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Eurotech and Escubedo Group bring their innovative connection system products to the North American Market.

Starting more than 50 years ago as a private family owned company, Escubedo has developed as a multinational company to supply the best connection system to the white goods and the automotive market. With its headquarters in Girona/Spain, ESCUBEDO and additional manufacturing plants in Istanbul/Turkey, ESCUTURCO, and Queretaro/Mexico,ESCUMEX, Escubedo extends his market services with logistic subsidiaries in Brazil, ESCUBRAS, China,ESCUASIA and Sweden, ESCUNORDIC.

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Escubedo has CAD workstations based on Solidworks 3D, CAM, electrical discharge machining with the support of automatic robots, the finest metrology and a pioneering team in the manufacturing of progressive molds.

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Escubedo has 15,000 square meters of floor space including fast stamping and plastic injection lines.

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Escubedo engineers create connection systems capable of providing technical responses and solutions to the most demanding challenges. They also create custom models in response to client designs and specifications.

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Quality Standards

All of Escubedo’s connection system manufacturing processes are based on auto-control, following strict quality control standards.

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Escubedo’s Production Facility

Escubedo’s production facility with a total floor area of 15,000 square meters in Catalonia, Mexico and Turkey has fast stamping and plastic injection lines with presses made by leading manufacturers.



Custom Connection System Designs

Escubedo operates in 5 continents with its high technology production equipment and It serves more than 50 countries. Escubedo can serve its customers with its personalized designs. Beyond that, Escubedo has Solidworks 3D, CAM-based CAD workstations, electrical discharge machining with the support of automated robots, the best metrology, and a pioneering team in progressive mold manufacturing

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Escubedo Connection Systems to Solve Primary Needs in Automotive Lighting Industry

Bulb Connection Systems

  • H1 / H4 / H7 / H9B / H15
  • PY21 / P13W / PY24W / PSY24W
  • 5W Bulbs contacts
  • W21W / WY21W
  • WT21W / WTY21W / WT21/7W

Main Connection Systems

  • Connectors designed for some specific platforms.
  • Male contact terminals according to LES 1,5 mm, SICMA 2 / SICMA 3, UPT,..

UP FIT Range applied to connect lamp harness to LED lamp systems

Automotive Sensor Component System

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eurotech- standard-connections-systems-escubedo-automotive lighting-terminals
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