RePackage by Eurotech

RePakage: Professional Tape For Retail Packaging Repair

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RePackageโ„ขย Advantages

  • Clear and flexible film tape that is very soft and non-glossy
  • Suitable for use on retail packaging of any type that has been opened or damaged
  • Very effective in managing bulk packaging damage prone to leaks and spillage
  • RePackageโ„ขย uses an aggressive and durable waterproof acrylic adhesive that will provide superior bonding to dusty, cold and moist applications
  • The extra-wide finger-lift liner allows easy application, even with work gloves
  • Each box comes with an integrated cutter for optimal usage anywhere in the store
  • The 4 inch x 33 feet continuous roll is in a very convenient dispensing package which is optimal for all application sizes and simplifies stock and reordering
  • Weatherproof dispenser are available

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