Heat Shrink Tubing Product Selection & Application Guidelines

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Heat Shrink Tubing Product Selection & Application Guidelines

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Heat Shrink Tubing – Product Selection and Application Fundamentals: An In-Depth Guide

Presenter: Raynes Brown, Product Manager, Heat Shrink Tubing
Course Format: Educational Session


In this comprehensive session, Raynes Brown delves into the technical guidelines for selecting the appropriate tubing for various applications. Attendees will gain valuable insights into installation best practices, ensuring optimal reliability and cost efficiency. This guide will walk you through the essential points covered in the presentation, providing a detailed understanding of heat shrink tubing’s role in wire harness projects.

Key Learning Points

Heat Shrink Categories:

  1. Single Wall: Ideal for basic insulation and protection needs.
  2. Dual Wall: Offers enhanced protection with an adhesive inner layer.
    • Jacket/Adhesive Types: Various combinations to suit different environmental conditions.
    • Splice Sealing: Ensures moisture resistance and durability.
    • Strain Relief: Prevents mechanical stress on wires and connectors.
  3. Temperature Ratings: Understanding the operating temperature ranges for different tubing types.
  4. Other Specifications: Key factors to consider based on application requirements.

Application Guidelines:

  • Sealing Mechanism: How the tubing provides a tight seal over connections.
  • Splice Construction: Best practices for creating robust splices.
  • Size Selection and Dimensions: Choosing the right size for your specific application.
  • Equipment:
    • Types: Various tools required for consistent heat shrink tubing application.
    • Settings: Optimal settings for different types of tubing.
  • Trials and Validation: Conducting trials to ensure the selected tubing meets performance standards.
  • Testing: Methods for testing the effectiveness and durability of the tubing.
  • Tools: Essential tools for proper installation, validation, and maintenance.

Who Will Benefit

This session is tailored for wire harness engineers, designers, and manufacturers looking to enhance their technical knowledge and practical skills in heat shrink tubing. Whether you are new to the field or an experienced professional, this session provides valuable insights to improve your projects’ reliability and efficiency.


Join Raynes Brown to master the selection and application of heat shrink tubing. This session ensures that your wire harness projects achieve the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. Gain the expertise needed to choose the right tubing for your applications and implement best practices for installation.

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