Advancements in Liquid Sealers for Splices and Terminals Presented By Tony Tizzano and Dennis Chung

Advancements in Liquid Sealers for Splices and Terminals Presented By Tony Tizzano and Dennis Chung

Join us for an insightful presentation with Dennis Chung and Tony Tizzano of Eurotech as they delve into the latest technical advancements in the performance and automated application of liquid wire sealers. This session is ideal for wire harness engineers, designers, manufacturers, and reliability leaders who aim to enhance their technical expertise and improve their processes.

What You’ll Learn

Challenges with Other Sealing Solutions: Understand the common issues faced with traditional sealing solutions and how our liquid sealer, BluSeal by Eurotech, overcomes these challenges.

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Benefits & Advancements in Liquid Sealers:

  • Material Characteristics: Explore the unique properties that make liquid sealers effective.
  • Formulation Types: Learn about various formulations available and their specific uses.
  • Curing/Sealing Mechanisms: Discover how these mechanisms ensure optimal performance.
  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with different materials and applications.
  • Performance: Evaluate the superior performance of liquid sealers like BluSeal by Eurotech.
  • Limitations: Recognize any potential limitations to manage expectations.

Advancements & Efficiency in Application:

  • Low Volume Equipment: Insight into equipment suitable for small-scale operations.
  • Controlled Dipping: Techniques for precise application (Eurotech BluSeal Dip Machine).
  • Precision Dripping: Methods for achieving exact application amounts (Eurotech Precision Drip Machine).
  • Automation: The role of automation in enhancing efficiency.
  • Equipment and Maintenance: Best practices for maintaining your equipment.
  • Throughput and Reliability: Strategies for maximizing throughput and ensuring reliability.

This one-hour technical conference presentation on Advancements in Liquid Sealers provides valuable insights and practical knowledge, making it a must-watch for professionals looking to stay ahead in the industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to advance your skills and knowledge in liquid wire sealers!

Featured Product: BluSeal by Eurotech

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Watch video on YouTube Here: Eurotech Advancements in Liquid Sealers


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