Eurotech adds online sales for Hildebrand

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Eurotech adds online sales for Hildebrand

Eurotech is pleased to announce the launching of our online store for Hildebrand measurement equipment. We are North America’s exclusive seller of Hildebrand measuring devices which are produced to determine the IRHD and Shore hardness and Thickness Gauges for Rubber and Foils.

Hildebrand’s main product lines comprise of products for measuring the hardness of rubber, plastics and other non-metallic materials. These products are easy to use and combine high accuracy and durability. Products include hardness testers according to Shore (Durometer) and IRHD (MICRO and MACRO), and are manufactured according to international standards.

CEO Steve Heese is very happy with this added service. “We are really satisfied with our partnership with Hildebrand. Now we can offer an easy online solutions for any business seeking Hildebrand products and look forward to expanding into the online sales space for these high quality products.”

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